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Well, the post today will touch on several pointsas we have a lot to tell you. First we will touch on Alan's recovery and work. His last day of therapy is on the 15th of this month and he has already accomplished all goals they were hoping to achieve in physical therapy. Though his left arm is still a little stiff, he has at-home exercises that he can do to help regain the strength and flexibility. His memory and brain continue to heal and doctor's say that the end of January will reveal the fullest part of his recovery. His speech continues to heal on a weekly basis and it has already made so much improvement. There is still some slurring but it hasn't seemed to inconvience him at work too much. He will continue back at work full time once therapy is completed. He has a goal set to be the #1 loan officer for the month of December. He had been named that several months in a row when he started at Centex and he wants to reclaim that title. He already has 4 loans…