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We began a new series of messages at Legacy this past Sunday. We call it Faith! We have adapted some materials from the 252 basics materials to partner with families for a month of family worship to help them trust Jesus as they return to school this month.

The description of faith we are working from is: Faith--is trusting what you can't see because of what you can see. Our key verse for the value is Hebrews 11:1. Of course, I have my own translation of the verse, and it reads like this:

Faith is trusting what we hope for will happen and the confidence to act when we cannot see it yet.

I want to emphasize that faith is not belief only. 85% of Americans "believe" in God, and we tend to ask people what they believe in order to define their faith. However, the biblical word has more to do with trusting a person rather than accepting a set of beliefs. Biblical faith is to trust the person of Jesus, the Christ, enough to stake your life on both where you live your life after l…