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Four Keys to Climbing a Fourteener

I climbed my first 14,000-foot mountain peak this past weekend,San Luis Peak just outside Creede, CO (a "Class 1" walk up in difficulty talk) but the perfect first for me. It was a marvelous experience in every way, and upon reflection I see at least four things I know made it what it was. 

Preparation: You don't wake up on a Monday and decide on Saturday you will climb a 14er, or, any ultra-endurance experience. The group I made the climb with had been planning the trip for almost a year. My personal preparation is ongoing, but about three months out, I ramped up my stair-stepping, weight lifting, and running/riding to get both my lungs and legs ready. I was prepared when I made the ascent. That did not lessen the difficulty, but all that sweat and pain before the hike made it enjoyable, not just survivable. Not everyone in the group was as prepared. All but one made the ascent, but it was not fun for everyone. I'll let them tell their stories.

Persistence: Anything g…