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Grasslands Report and Lessons Learned

Last Saturday, I ran the Grasslands Trail Marathon outside Decatur, TX. The trails are part of the Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands, which are mostly used for horse riding, but last Saturday, the runners took over the trails early. Thanks to the Race Director and all the volunteers (and cooks!) who made it a wonderful experience.

The weather was ideal in the morning, but got up to 80F in the afternoon, which made for a warm finish. What added to the fun was it had rained hard the week before, and the trails were muddy and many places had standing water--memories of our trail half-marathon about a month ago. (Although, that was a much more rugged course.)

Every run is a laboratory. You learn something every time you go out because every time is different. You are different. The course is different, and the conditions are never the same. 
So what did I learn this outing?
Running in creation is still better than running on streets. I'm biased, but I am convinced we were created to run in c…