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Hope Wins

When I got home last night from teaching a class for BH Carroll at Legacy Church, I waited up until President-elect Obama walked out on stage with his wife and two daughters to the roaring crowd in Chicago.

Before the Obama family made their appearance, a reporter asked Oprah Winfrey her feelings about the events of the day.

She said like a giddy girl who just got asked to the prom, "Hope wins!"

I think she summed it up for all America last night.

No matter how you voted yesterday, today "Hope wins!" for those who had lost hope in their country and who thought they'd never find their place in the highest office of the land.

I am humbled to live in a country where stories like this still happen.

Tomorrow we begin the work of turning hope into action...but today, "Hope wins!"

Following Jesus to the Borders

No one in Texas or a US border state has to tell yousecuring the borders and illegal immigrationare topics that stir up emotions in this election. Undocumented workers and seemingly open borders cause local businesses and governments to wrestle with what to do with the influx of those seeking work and a home in the US without following the law.

This past Sunday, I interviewed Kenny Zheng, who became a naturalized citizen of the United States last year. He is a native-born Chinese. If you want to hear his story go here. He told of his decision to take the Oath of Allegiance for Naturalized Citizensand what that meant to him as he gave up all loyalty to his country of origin. He became a living metaphor for my message that portrayed w who are Christ followers as "resident aliens and strangers" in this world because we are ultimately "citizens of heaven." (Phil. 3:20)

Since we have become "fellow citizens with the people of God and members of God's household&q…