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The Face of Homelessness

Last night, at John Reeder's invitation, Kevin Krantz and I joined John at a gathering at Collin College called "The Face of Homelessness: Finding Solutions for Collin County." The panel presentations and Q&A that followed were hosted by the college's Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement.

While most of those who attended were students getting credit for classes, the Conference Center on campus was crowded with people of all ages, races, and involvement in the problem of homelessness in our county.

Everyone agreed that homelessness and cities like Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen are not usually linked in our thinking, but the need is real. You can download a pdf of the latest report, 2009 Collin County Point in Time Homeless Count, here.

I was most pleased that Legacy Church has partnered with at least four of the nine agencies and non-profits represented at the gathering. They are:

Samaritan Inn
Hopes Door
CITY House
Plano ISD

We learned of others with whom we ca…