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A Day with Forge Dallas and Michael Frost

The Legacy Church LifeGroup Team is attending a 1-Day conference with ForgeDallas, a subset of ForgeAmerica. The main speaker is Michael Frost, who is known for his work and writing in the missional church movement. Ryan Hairston is a friend of Legacy, and he is our host. I'll be blogging from the conference throughout the day to give you a flavor of what we are seeing and hearing.

The team is ready to go! Return the adventure to the venture!

"I have come from your future to tell you are on the same decline as we [in Australia] are...that is why we formed Forge."

David Bosch the mission of God is "to alert all people to the universal reign of God through Christ."

God could not reign anymore if he wanted to! It is already total, complete, unfettered and utter. "Our God reigns!" Isaiah declared during captivity. Still true no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Gods people are to be a trailer [movie preview] of the age to come. What would people se…