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A Meditation on Psalm 85:10

I love the Psalms and reflections on them. The Psalms are prayers and songs that let us say things we are not sure we can say to God. They guide our hearts into the presence of God, and they allow our emotions to enter the worship chambers of eternity. 
I was reading/singing through them this morning and these stanzas jumped out at me: Mercy and truth have met together;Righteousness and peace have kissed. (Psalm 85:10; NKJV)Mercy and truth have met together. They are not strangers no matter how far apart we separate them. They have met like negotiators to resolve matters that could keep them apart and cause another war. 
Truth tells the dark, blatant facts and unassailable realities that reveal our fallen nature and root of evil in our lives. Truth reveals the nonnegotiable facts of life and will not compromise. Truth shines light on reality and does not care to hand out sunglasses. 
Mercy sits at the same table and does not deny the truth but offers forgiveness and hope. Mercy shields…