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The Song and Not The Shrine

I first met Calvin Miller via snail mail. I had read The Singer while in seminary, and his poetic imagery of Jesus as the Troubadour singing the song of God's love cut to the core of my beliefs about who I was as a follower of Jesus. The line that became Ground Zero for my revitalized relationship with Jesus and perspective on the church was:
Life is the Song and not the Shrine. I wrote Calvin a note about what his book meant to me, and he wrote back--as he did I think everyone who wrote him.Our friendship had begun.

I had stayed in touch with Calvin since that first letter through other hand-written notes, so when he came to Southwestern, I asked if I could take him to lunch. He accepted, and I was surprised when we walked out to the parking lot and got into his red Fiero. Pastor, seminary professor, artist, author, driving a red sports car? But when you got to know Calvin you learned his taste was demonstrated as much by that car as it was by his art and writing. Lunch felt like…