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How we helped our people grow spiritually

Cally Parkinson of the Willow Creek Association recently contacted me saying she wanted to write a case study on Legacy Church because they had observed the improvement in our church's spiritual growth through the comparison of our two REVEAL surveys taken in March, 2010 and March, 2012. I was surprised by the request since we had nothing to compare our progress to except our two survey results. So, we gathered some of our "spiritual growth team" around a conference call with Cally, and we told our story. 
Rather than describe the case study, here it is in its entirety.I am thankful to the ministry directors, church leadership team, and two members who made up our spiritual growth team, and to the staff and members who implemented their plan to "help people trust Jesus." -->
Legacy Church, Plano, TX Case Study (c) Willow Creek Association, 2012
Picture the nation’s 70th most populous city—onenamed, in 2006, as the best place to live in the United Sta…