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Showing posts from February 12, 2012

Altra Minimalist Running Update

I put my new Altra Lone Peak trail shoes to the test today at the Cross Timbers Trail Run near Lake Texhoma. The conditions were cool, windy, and muddy! The trails rise and fall along the shores of the reservoir and into the surrounding hills. It made for a crazy, challenging run that wore me out.

I own a pair of Altra Instinct for road running, and they were everything I needed one evolutionary step beyond my Vibram FiveFingers. When I got the email from Altra about the Wasatch Front Lone Peaks, I ordered them immediately. I had still been running in my old Montrail Hard Rocks because I could not find anything that gave me the protection I needed on trails with the minimalist technology. The Lone Peaks were everything I hoped they would be.

They remained stable on the rugged downhills, and gave me the comfort I needed for the 13.1 miles on the rugged trails. Even when we got into some shoe-sucking mud, they held to my feet and allowed me the freedom of movement I wanted.

They were com…

Four Reasons to Withdraw and Pray

Jesus modeled for us how to live an abundant life with God and others. Everything he did and said becomes a template for our lives if we desire to follow him. You and I can learn this abundant life even in short passages recorded in the Gospels.

Luke, who tells us more about Jesus' prayer life than any other Gospel writer, noted that...

...Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16; TNIV)

 If Jesus withdrew from crowds and ministry regularly, surely there are advantages for us to follow his lead.

Here are four reasons to withdraw in order to pray

Solitude. The busyness and noise of our lives keep us from hearing the voice of God. God speaks to us every day, but we miss it because we fill our lives with busyness* and noise in an effort to fill the voids that only God can fill. Richard Foster's group, Renovare, reminds us, Solitude is "An open relational space for being found by God and freed from competing loyalties." When was the last time you created …