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Showing posts from September 10, 2006

Cotton Patch Classic

I rode the Cotton Patch Classic , a 63-mile tour in the rolling hills of North East Texas, this morning with some of the guys I rode the HH100. It started in downtown Greenville, TX, as part of their Rally Round Greenville festivities.

When I walked out this morning about 6:00, I realized it had not cooled down a degree from the day before. It was humid AND the wind was already blowing. I clicked on and saw the high would be in the 90's F and a steady wind would blow from the south all day.

The route turned out to be more hilly than I had hoped, and the wind lived up to its potential. The last 10 miles were into the wind, and I was glad we did not have 37 more miles to go at the finish.

Thanks Jim, Kevin, Keith and John for a good ride. We celebrated by stopping outside McKinney on the way home at the Bel Air's and Burgers (no, they don't have a webpage) for a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake, my diet buster after a long ride or run.

Kim left before I got ho…