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Crawling out of a Hole

It strikes me as odd that the two most feared and possibly most powerful dictators of the past twenty years ended their lives being pulled out of a hole in the ground.

Makes you wonder if all the power and wealth that they pursued was worth it?

Jesus asked the pointed question, "What good will it be for you to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul? Or what can you give in exchange for your soul?" (Matthew 16:26) Being drug out of a hole by those who wanted them dead signals to me these two had lost their souls to gain the world. 

What did these two dictators really gain by all their efforts if the end of their life's work emerged from a hole in the ground while hiding from those they used to gain what they had?

We will all go into a hole in the ground when we die. My prayer is that it will be after a celebration and eulogy of our lives, not to hide from those who pursue us because we have sold our soul to gain the world.

barefoot running update

Okay, this is an installment for the "runner" part of "faithrunner," so bear with me if you are more interested in the faith side of things. I'll come back to that next week. This week, I want to update where I am in running barefoot or in minimalist shoes. The evolution of footwear in my running continues...(at 58, I don't know how many more renditions there will be :-)

I bought my first pair of Vibram five fingers KSOstwo years ago this month after hearing Christopher McDougall pitch his book, Born to Run, at the Dallas Cooper Clinic. (You can read of some of my journey in previous posts in this blog.) I bought into the philosophy and technology of barefoot running and took off running in them--never to wear conventional shoes again. (And, I haven't.)

What happened, however, was that the concrete of my suburb and the rocky terrain of North Texas only allowed me to go so far in this running footwear. I could only run about a maximum of six miles in the