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The Doomsday Calendar

I have no scoop here. The buzz about the world ending on December 21, 2012, has been around a while now. Movies, websites, and documentaries have all examined the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar that ends 12-21-12. Interpreted, it means, "The ancient, obscure calendar runs out, so time must run out."
My question is, "So, why is the Mayan calendar the definitive dating of the end of things?" Many calendars have and do exist.

For example, according to the Christian calendar it is AD 2012, or 2012 CE. That would also make it 1433 AH in the Islamic calendar and 5772 in the Jewish calendar. The Jewish New Year begins in September, and the Islamic New Year is in November. The Christian New Year is in January. Throw in the Chinese calendar, and it is 4710, the year of the Dragon, and that new year will fall between late January to middle of February depending upon the lunar cycle.

Before we get to my point, where did the three major world calendars originate? The Chr…