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Showing posts from November 16, 2008

Where Was The Church in All of This?

Sunday, I capitalized on our annual church conference in the afternoon to do some vision casting for Legacy Church. We showed the full video Fast Forward from Willow Creek's Leadership Summit 2007 to set up my message. I recommend you show it to your group if you have not already.

My message was basically pages 13-18 from my new book Evangelism Where You Live: Engaging your community. (I wrote it with Steve Pate for the Columbia Partnership Leadership Series.) We call for the church to "tell the Good News" through "community based servant evangelism." Members of the the church are to be "salt and light servants" who share the message of Jesus through acts of service in the name of Jesus. Jesus' instructions recorded in Matthew 5:13-16 are the basis of the concept.

Hear the full message here. Buy the book here. I will continue to cast this vision in the weeks and months ahead.

Saturday, Kim and I traveled to Jacksonville, TX, for the wedding of Kevin …