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Meek is not Weak

To be meek is not to be weak. When Jesus blessed--announced God's favor upon--those who had gathered that day to hear his inaugural address he pinpointed the meek ones. (Matt. 5:5) He promised they would inherit the earth.

Meek is not in the world's dictionary of what it takes to get things done; and, getting things done is the goal of life, right?

I went into a friend's office one day several years ago and saw on his desk the sign:
If the meek inherit the earth, what do we tigers get? I thought it funny at the time, but I later realized that my friend had completely misread Jesus' promise to those who followed him.

What does meek mean?

In my book, A New Way of Living: Practicing the Beatitudes everyday, I describe the biblical word to mean "power under control." (111) It is translated "gentle" in Jesus' famous self-description of himself. (Matthew 11:29) Jesus, however, was anything but gentle as we use it.He never compromised his calling, and he…