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Self Image, Health, and Your Identity in Christ

I got an email from a family friend the other day telling me of her struggles as a wife and mother to get and stay in shape. Her main question was, "How do we restore our bodies, regain that strength and health with a Godly focus on the way?" 

She is not alone in her struggle. Our culture floods our psyche with images of what a "healthy" body and "successful" person looks like. Walk through the grocery store check out line and the images on the men's and women's health magazines make you wonder what the other people in line are thinking about you. Men wrestle with health and body issues, too. Right guys?

So, is there anything we as Christ followers can do about this?

Here were four things I told her that may help you:
Make sure your identity is grounded in who you are in Christ Jesus. In Christ you are the adopted son/daughter of the King, and the demonstration of His love for you is his Son's sacrifice for you on the cross. (Romans 8:16, 17