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Five Fingers With Socks

It's getting cooler (30 degrees F this morning), and I want to stay in my fivefingers. The other day I went to our local Luke's Locker and bought a pair of injinji toe socks to see if they would fit my fivefingers. They did, and this afternoon I tested them out. (It was 52F at the start of my run.)

I admit that this arrangement pushes me even farther away from true barefoot running, but I'm not quite ready to head out on a December afternoon truly barefoot.

The run went well. My feet were actually a bit too warm, but I know they'll be fine in cooler weather now. After the 4.5 mile jog, I did feel my socks and fivefingers became tight. When I removed them, I felt the difference, and that is not usually the case without socks. (My feet swell when I run, so that was the issue.)

While my feet were warm, I did loose some of the on-the-ground sensation I have when running without the socks. This will only be an arrangement while the weather is cold.

So, to answer the not-so-…

Everything Else is Gravy

My grandson, Grayer, was born to my oldest daughter, Storey, this past Sunday afternoon. We made it to the hospital literally ten minutes before he was born. He is a big boy, weighing in at 8 lbs. 10 oz. This is our second grandchild (and my parents' ninth great-grandchild!), but the experience was as deep and meaningful as the first.

I told Kim after our first grandchild, Cambell, was born, "Everything else is gravy." Yes, I want to be around for my second daughter's first child, my next book, what God will do next through Legacy, and what Kim and I will experience in old age; but, once your child has had a child and you see they are doing well, there's a sense you have made your contribution, and you can go Home now. Everything after your grandchild is like gravy on a serving of home-made turkey dressing at Thanksgiving. It's all good without it, but with it, it doesn't get better.

I know you are supposed to aspire to produce great and enduring things u…