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A Small Group Wins a Big Victory

I write and teach about leadership. There are as many definitions of leadership as there are those who try to define it.
But, if the essence of leadership is influencing a group of people to reach a shared goal, then Sarah Morris, the Director of This Side Up Family Center is a leader. She is what I would classify a servant leader because her leadership is clearly for the benefit of the families the Center serves, not herself or her family.
How do I know this about Sarah and her small group of volunteers and partners?
Liberty Mutual, Dallas, hosted for a second year their Like My Community social responsibility project. Through the use of social media, local non-profits, who were nominated by the agents of Liberty Mutual, invited their supporters to "like" them on the company's facebook page
Sarah and her dedicated band of supporters out "liked" all the other non-profits, and This Side Up Family Center walked away with the most "likes" of all involved…