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Showing posts from October 10, 2010

five fingers sport/trek report

If you have been following some of my exploits in five fingers, you have read my disappointment with the KSO for trail running. I continue to run in them on streets and grass without any issues.

Well, five fingers has created the right amount of protection to still have a minimalist feel to running on rough terrain.

The five finger sport/trek provides enough protection for open field, packed trails, and rocky paths. I broke mine in at my parent's farm in East Texas in their open fields and wooded paths.

I found them light and flexible like the KSOs, but with enough protection not to slow down on rocky paths and hard-packed trails. I had no deep bruises in my insole or heel like I did with the lighter KSOs. The only draw back was the occasional long-stem weed between my toes, but that's part of the five finger experience.

I like the added traction on both the sole and toe of the shoes. The added plastic covering on the top of the toe seems like it will come in handy on wetter surfa…

Solitude and Silence

Solitude and silence are to your soul what clean air and water are to your body.

Without them it is as if your soul breathes in air at the airport smoking room, and you drink from standing water in the street. No wonder we are a people of shallow lives and aimless days. Until we stop, find a place to be alone, and listen we can only react to life like cats swiping at a pesky mosquito.

One of the reasons we don't seek solitude and silence is we are afraid of what we may hear from our hearts and from God.

If we slow down we may hear the cries of our heart that call us to change the harmful habits we have created to protect them from the healing relationships of others. Or, we may hear the whisper of God's voice that calls us to a new life in Him that will challenge the mindless, self-absorbing things we do to fill the space between sunrise and sunset.

But we MUST find the quiet and alone places if Jesus is our Leader. He modeled a life submitted to the Father and was laser-beam foc…