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Showing posts from October 29, 2006

A Weekend with Dad

The older I get, the fewer opportunities I get to spend with my parents. So, when a weekend comes up where I get to see either or both of them, I get real excited. This past weekend my father came over on Friday afternoon because Mother, my sisters, wife and daughters and other women connected to that group had a girls weekend out. (Shopping in Grandberry.) That meant Dad and I got the weekend together.

--That's Dad and me at my niece's wedding this past Summer.

That evening we went to the PSHS vs. PWSHS football game at Clark Stadium after a quick meal at Firehouse Subs on Spring Creek. I played football in high school at French High School in Beaumont, and Dad refereed pee-wee through high school football for over twenty years. Going to a game with him brought back great memories and was something we could share like a father and son sharing a hunting trip together. Plano lost. West won. Bryce Merkling, West QB and who attends Legacy, had a great game!

After an 11-mile run at W…