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Wheeler Peak, NM with Friends

On 19-21 July I hiked to Wheeler Peak for the sixth time, I think. (First pictures I have are from 1994) Love this trek and that mountain. I'll have my ashes scattered there. 

The three of us left Riverside Lodge in Red River about 0700 Friday morning. After stopping by Major Bean for coffee and sausage/cheese biscuit, we got to the Middle Fork Trailhead about 0800. The weather was ideal, and my legs were okay after Gold Hill the day before. 

We got to the "half-way meadow" by 0900 and texted Kim, who had left for home the day before. I found out we needed a new AC unit at the house back home. Ended up calling Kim, texting a friend to get a friend’s number for a framer to lay boards in the attic, and buying a new unit to be installed Monday. All at 10,000 ft. of elevation! (Not really a break you want from life in the city while on the trail.)
The trail from the meadow to Lost Lake is one of my favorite. Walking through the valley on the single track trail and rock falls ma…

Gold Hill Hike, New Mexico July 2019

I left RR ski lift area at about 0700 and headed up Pioneer Trail (forest road). Hiked to private property gate and found Trail 171 near gate that loops around the property. The run off from the snow made the road a creek bed the higher I climbed. Several long creek crossings. The trail throws you back onto the Jeep trail but soon brings you to the continuation of the trail. That takes you to the Gold Hill Trail juncture. Steep but heavily forested. I think I was the first and only one on the trail. Saw no one coming up. 

Took Gold Hill trail to the summit. Steeper and more rugged than I had thought. Switchbacks near the summit were heavily washed out. 

The view was spectacular, and the wind was blowing hard. Still some snow on the morning side of the mountains. No animals in sight. 

Saw only chipmunks and black squirrels coming up.

Decided to go down Goose Creek Trail instead of back tracking and fighting the ATV traffic on Pioneer.  
A mistake when it came to connecting with Jon and Jef…