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The Angry God of the Old Testament

We are reading through The Story at Legacy, and we are well into Exodus. By this time in His-story God has shown his anger several times, and these tantrums by God have begged the question from some of our readers, "Why is God so mean?" Others have commented, "I'm not so sure I like that God," or, "I'm glad Jesus came along and calmed his Father down!"

Anyone who is a serious follower of Jesus and who stakes his or her life on the God revealed in Scripture has wondered, "What's up with all the 'anger of God' stuff in the Old Testament?"

Here's my finite, fallible take on the topic: When Holy God reveals himself to a fallen people in a fallen creation in order to establish his presence among them for all to see and know, the clash of God's holiness with the fallen will cause conflict and anger on both sides of the relationship.

The world was and is a fallen mess. Insert Holy God who wants to love and guide a fallen peo…