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Showing posts from September 16, 2007

A Team Ride

This past weekend five Legacy Cyclists rode in the 64-mile tour of the Cotton Patch Classic in Greenville, TX and surrounding towns. Our goal was to cross the finish line together and to finish before noon.

We rode as a team, the faster riders resisting their usual speeds and the slower riders cranking it up to keep the average speed higher than they would normally ride. We rode in a pace line most of the way and only stopped once to refuel (and make room for more liquids if necessary). We crossed the line together and only missed our time goal by minutes.

I am always amazed at the power of team. When you share the lead position, take turns drafting on other team members, and crank harder than you would on your own to keep the team's goals you discover you are better together than on your own. I was glad I was riding with my team as the day got warmer, the hills longer, and the wind picked up in our faces. I've been the lone rider we flew by many times that morning, and I don…