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Servant Leadership in Times of Crisis

What is a leader to do when the bottom falls out? How is he or she to respond when people panic and look to their leader as the one who should know how to get them out of the mess or crisis.

I'm no expert on leading in a crisis, but I do have some personal experience as a pastor and what I observe from the life of Jesus, the ideal servant leader.

First, a servant leader reminds everyone that no matter the changing circumstances, the mission remains the same. For my family and those I serve as Legacy Church, our mission to help people trust Jesus as the church, at home, and in the world does not change no matter what goes on elsewhere. This stance allows the leader to be what Edwin Friedman called the "non-anxious presence." Knowing and sticking to the mission is the rudder and course in the storms of life.

Good leaders call those they lead back to the reason for the group in the first place. Jesus continually reminded his closest followers that although the religious lead…