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Walk Through the Bible-Old School That Still Works

When Matt and Lisa first suggested we host a Walk Through the Bible event as we begin The Story at Legacy Church, I admit I was a bit skeptical. "That's 'old school' stuff," I thought, and we are all up on the latest methods of doing church at Legacy. We had hosted that same event back in the 90's, and I wondered how it could be relevant to our folks a decade later.

Well, I was wrong. WTB was just what we needed to refresh our knowledge of the "mega-narrative" of the Old Testament and introduce The Story to those who had no clue about what it was about. Bruce Wilkinson's DTS Master's project still works!

The combination of key words, signs, repetition, and group participation in an atmosphere of fun work together to give those who participate a way to remember the entire story of the Old Testament. Yes, the sometimes tedious, obscure stories from creation to the return of the Jewish people from exile come to life through the child-like exper…