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Showing posts from January 28, 2007

Winter Ramblings

I like the winter months (okay, weeks in Texas). I enjoy a cold morning before sunrise writing at my computer with Anonymous 4 and a candle burning in the background. Add a cup of coffee or tea with soy milk and Splenda, and you have my preferred environment for winter. Let the sun come up and I'd rather be running on the trails of Arbor Hills in Plano or Northshore trails of Lake Grapevine. I like winter in North Texas.

I have been busy but away from this blog. So, I'll update briefly.

I have spent most of my writing time (early mornings) on a project for Clarity Publications, an inductive walk through the Old Testament. Yes, the entire OT! 48 chapters, five passages a chapter...I'm lovin' it, but it taking hours of time I don't have. I'm up to chapter 19 and all of them are due March 1. Yikes!

I've also begun my training for my spring runs. I have to squeeze this in early evenings on nights I don't have meetings and on the weekends. I have the Waco 5-0 o…