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The Evidence of Things Not Seen

The first verse of the eleventh chapter of the Letters to the Hebrews essentially says, "To trust God is what gives you the confidence to move toward what God has given you to hope for and the evidence of things God told you he would do but you can not yet see." (Hebrews 11:1; my interpretation.) When God gives you a picture of a future He has designed, faith (trust) is what gives you the confidence and certainty to start acting to make that happen. 

I have been fortunate to experience that kind of trust in God in my own life with Legacy Church and in the lives of a few others who have brought into reality what God gave them the vision to do. I recently participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of This Side Up! Family Fun Center in Plano, TX. This was one of those "trust God and work like it's real 'til you see it" sort of places. The Mayor, Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, and family and friends of the center were present.

God put on the heart of Richie …