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Hong Kong - Day 2p

Today we took the tram to do some sightseeing. These have been in use since the late 1800's. No A/C but you get the sights, sounds, and smells of the city this way.

We saw the world's longest escalator...built for shopping! It does beat climbing all those stairs, for sure. It was about 94 degrees F with humidity about the same. The sweat was worth it, however.

We did go through a traditional street market. I challenged the guys to buy the ingredients for lunch and go back to the apartment and cook, but we settled for fast-food Chinese instead.

We got home in time to shower and rest a little before heading to HKIBC to lead a seminar for ministry leaders in the church. It was truly an international group from the mainland to Australia and beyond. I will preach here in the morning.

I took the chance to tell the story of how God put this trip together and Legacy's support of what we were doing. You are truly equipping leaders beyond our Jerusalem. The group was responsive, and the…

Hong Kong - Day 2

Friday night (remember, we are 13 hours ahead of you...lost a day crossing the international dateline) The Carlsons (Jim and Sarala, on the couch and next to me) hosted us in their apartment at the HK International School. Jim is the Chairman of Deacons at the HK International Baptist Church where Lavern, our host, is on staff. Stiles and Diana Watson (next to Lavern and Sarala) is the interim pastor at HKIBC. Their hospitality was overwhelming, and the meal was delicious. Fruits, vegetables, and beef in a mango sauce wrapped in a tortilla was the fare.

Kenny and I were sleepy most of the evening, but the dialogue and stories kept us awake until we got home to fall into bed about 10:00 p.m.

We were up early, and LOOK, on the corner of our neighborhood was a Starbucks and a 7-11. The amenities of home 7,000 miles away!

Here's a shot of the street where the apartment is where we are staying, Yuk Sing.

Oh yes, had to include the local fish market for Kim. Kim, you would love the smell, t…

Hong Kong - Day 1

After 18 hours of travel, we are safely in Hong Kong at Lavern Plett's flat in the section known as Happy Valley. He lives in a two-room flat on the 19th floor.

We made all of our connections on time, and the flight was smooth. It was even relatively clear in Hong Kong as we arrived.

First impression: more Mercedes Benz per street than in West Plano. Every luxury car is on the streets, which are canyons between highrises everywhere.

Off to dinner with a family who are members of International Baptist Church. Will check in later.


I survived the 25th anniversary of the Hotter n' Hell bike ride Saturday.The National Weather service reported 100 degrees F at 1:00 p.m. and a high of 104 with a heat index of 107. I finished about 2:00, and I swear it was 150 degrees F with a heat index of 200! Add to that the what seemed like a 20 mph headwind the last 20 miles, and it was a challenge to say the least. As a matter of fact, the Race Director wrote on the website:

"We have had to close Hell's Gate only a few times in 25 years. During the late 80's we establish a hard and fast rule for closing the 100 mile route when heat stress could be fatal."
Read the last word again! FATAL...and, they closed the course this year an hour before the usual time because the ride's medical officer based his decision on "...heat, solar light, wet bulb thermometer, black bulb thermometer, wind, and the speed at which the stress indicators are accelerating through the morning." Whatever all that means, it …