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Why I am climbing Mt. Rainier

Next week about this time I plan to be climbing on the way to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier. Some of you know of my addiction to adrenalin and adventure so you will not be surprised. 

Others of you may be asking, "Why would you want to do such a thing when you have a perfectly good life with good health and, if the Lord wills, a potentially wonderful future?" Good question, and here are some of my reasons.

I'm doing this with a friend. Jim Craig invited me when he announced climbing Mt. Rainier was on his "bucket list" and wondered who wanted to go along? He grew up in Seattle, and the mountain loomed daily on his horizon, and he finally decided he would climb it. Jim and I cycle with Legacy Cyclists, share life together in our LifeGroup, and call Legacy Church our spiritual family. Friendships often determine the paths you end up taking. (Don't ask me, "Well, if your friend asked you to jump of that mountain, would you do that?" Depends...)

I'm doing…