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Avatar: Old Story, New Technology

I saw the much heralded movie, Avatar, this week. It was everything they said it would be technologically. We saw it in 'real 3D'-no DLP or IMAX enhancements-and it was awesome. I'll go back to experience the environment of the film in one of those theaters just to be on Pandora again. You've got to see it for the CG effects and to experience the environment of the natives where the primary story takes place.

The Avatar Program that inserts humans into the lives of the Na'vi is ingenious and mixes genome science and The Matrix technology of moving between the real world and the program that governs the sleeping. For the soul of a human to permanently dwell in a Na'vi at the sacred center of the planet reminded me of Neo's birth in the Matrix, too...only through nature. (I do dig the way the Na'vi communicated with the animals through the "receptors" in both.)

There is nothing new about the story. It's an industry-military imperialistic invas…