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Showing posts from March 13, 2011

DNF, did not finish

The three worst letters in the alphabet for a runner are: DNF, which mean, "did not finish." There are a variety of reasons why runners don't finish races but, if you train to finish and enter to finish, DNF is not what you want to read on the final result list. You also don't want these three letters on your spiritual epitaph, but I'll get to that in a moment.

This past Saturday, I entered the 20-mile length of what Tim Neckar calls, The Toughest n' Texas trail run. I completed the first two 50K runs Tim hosted on this course, and I thought I'd take on a shorter distance in the sixth running of the event.

I love the run because it winds through Cameron Park in Waco. I believe these trails are the best kept secret in Texas. Multiple elevations, terrain, and different stands of trees (and bamboo) make it a trail runners delight. It is, however, a butt-kicking combination of rocks, roots, climbs, and washes.

The course begins at Redwood Pavilion, runs along …