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Character Matters

I am finishing up a manuscript that I am writing with my friend, Dr. Norman Blackaby. We have facilitated a PhD seminar for three different cohorts at Dallas Baptist University called Biblical Servant Leadership. As part of the work in the seminar we ask the candidates to write case studies on biblical servant leaders in order to discover that leader's strengths and weaknesses as he or she led. We also look for principles and practices we can apply to current leadership theory and practice.

As we guided the seminar we observed the importance of character as a person called by God led and how character squarely centered on his or her relationship with God. Outward appearance, skills, and personality were not enough to lead effectively under God's guidance. Character matters. We also observed that not much had been written about character in leadership studies. So, we decided we would address the need and write something of our own.

As we began to talk to the publisher about th…