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Showing posts from January 30, 2011

Random thoughts on an Icy Day

Dallas-Fort Worth is snowed in today so thousands of us get a free day at home. I'm happy to get these once or twice a year, but wouldn't want to live where it is like this three or four months of the year!

This past Friday it was 75 degrees and spring-like. I returned from Marshall, TX, that day after speaking at the Christian Association of Student Leaders annual meeting hosted by East Texas Baptist University. You can read about it here. The future of Jesus' movement on those campuses is in good hands.

On the way back I stopped at Tyler State Park and ran Loops A and  B trails in my fivefingers treksport. It was a perfect day on ideal trails for minimalist running. I discovered I don't train enough on trails in my fivefingers to run the trails with ease. I'll have to go back to trail shoes for occasional runs. Rats. The hard-packed trails were great. Only gumballs, pine cones, and some loose rocks caused any blunt force pain. (Oh, and that root I stumped my big to…