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Showing posts from October 22, 2006


This past weekend Kim and I attended our 31st homecoming at Baylor University. We love going back to the place we often say were the "best four years of our lives," although we didn't know each but the last two of them. College was a taste of an ideal life...all you have to do is show up when class is held and study some in between. We were free to chose for ourselves and tried out being adults for the first time. Friends become friends for life.

When we go back to the campus we always connect with a group of friends we have known since we graduated. We began vacationing together before we had children and have been gathering since. We call them the Red River Gang, since we vacation with them every other year in Red River, NM. (Next summer is our next journey to the old mining town.)

Here's a picture of the group from the top of the Red River ski lift in 2004. When Storey was married this past summer, most of the group was there. The children consider each other a seco…