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Showing posts from October 8, 2006

Paint Me A Birmingham

Yes, there's a country western turn by Tracy Lawrence titled, "Paint Me A Birmingham." Is there anything C&W song writers haven't written about? Anyway, I'm in Birmingham, AL, on a writing assignment with StudentLife Bible Study. This is my third trip out to write commentary for their online curriculum for teachers of students. Check it out. It's great stuff.

I came in town last night for another project, so, I had the morning to work on that project and run. I had heard of Oak Mountain State Park before, and when I asked the person at the desk how far I was from it, she said it was the next exit south.

You could say it was a perfect morning for a writer and runner. I got up about 6:30 a.m. and wrote until about 8:30. I then got in the car and drove to the park, and found the trail head for the 17-mile mountain bike trail. It was about 55 degrees, clear, with a slight breeze. The sunlight sent rays through the trees like a laser light show, and autumn leave…