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What I Learned While Climbing on Mt. Rainier

Here are some things I learned from my attempt to summit Mt. Rainier on August, 25, 2011.

First, Creation is still larger than its creatures. I live in a manufactured suburb where we sometimes live by the false assumption that we are in control of our environment and that we are bigger than the land upon which we live. Get out at the base of Mt. Rainier--after driving through the beautiful Mt. Rainier National Park--and you will soon realize how small you are. Get ON the mountain, and you are humbled by how small you really are and how big are the things of God. I am glad the Psalmists lived in Creation rather than in the urban sprawls we have made for ourselves.

Second, you are at your best in the footsteps of a guide. I know that some treasure the pioneering spirit of those who head out on uncharted paths, but most of us need a guide. The guides of RMI, Billy, Zeb, and Cody, trained, encouraged, and led us. They also made the trip safe and fun. Don't try something like this wit…