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Showing posts from November 21, 2010

A Taste of Heaven

This past Sunday, our English Language Program, hosted our annual Thanksgiving Dinner. About 400 Internationals accepted our invitation and joined us for a traditional American Thanksgiving Meal. But, this event was more than sharing food with new friends.

Not only did we meet the students and their families as we ate and talked about where we were from and how to pronounce Pumpkin Pie. We were given the opportunity to serve--a hallmark of Legacy Church. Legacy cooked and brought all the food, served it along with drinks and deserts, and served as table hosts for our guests. Yes, they even set up, decorated and stuck around to clean up and carry out the trash. The Church was the Church Sunday night. I heard one person say, "This is what church is about. Nothing brings me closer to God than when I serve others." I agreed.

 The highlight for me each year is hearing the students reading Psalm 100 in their heart languages. We heard the Song of Thanksgiving in twelve different lan…