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Grace is not fair!

Life is not fair. Neither is grace!

We muse that if anyone would play by the "it's got to be fair" rule, it would be God, but that's not the case. God is as unfair as it comes when dispensing grace.

As I finish reading and reflecting on the story of Jonah, I discover my disobedient look alike didn't like the fact that God does not play fair. After the people responded rightly to God's one-sentence message delivered by a reluctant missionary, Jonah sat down on the side of a hill and watched to see if God had really shown compassion rather than wrath on the people of Nineveh, his country's archenemy.

Read Jonah 4:1-9. Note when God asks Jonah, "Do you have a right to be angry?" [for God's compassion on Nineveh] Jonah answers, "Yes, I do." (v. 9)

So, where does Jonah get off on thinking it's not fair that God showed compassion on the Assyrians? Did he not remember God didn't leave him to drown in the sea or leave him to live the …