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3 Leadership Lessons from Running

I enjoy running, climbing and cycling. I do not win any medals nor do I finish first in my age group, so if you are wanting lessons from a winner, check out Runner's World Training or training and racing at Ultrarunner Online. But, I have discovered connections between my running and leading an organization. I also make the connection between physical wellness and spiritual maturing in my book A New Way of Living. (I figured if Paul, the Apostle, made those connects, I could too.)

Here are three lessons I have learned from my 15+ years of running that I shared with our Board of Governors and Hub staff at B. H. Carroll as I have begun my new role as President of the Institute.

1. Your core determines your strength.

A runner's core is key to provide the strength to complete whatever distance he or she chooses. Most people have lower back problems because their abdomens are week. In running, when the core goes the back and legs go, and you are done reaching your PR. You may crawl…