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Boston Marathon Bombing

I have finished the Boston Marathon seven times, and the run down Boylston Street is the epitome of athletic excitement. Whether you are the winner of the marathon or back in the pack with runners like me, the crowds always cheer for you as if you were winning the race and they all knew your name.
The marathon is always run on Patriot's Day, a state holiday for MA, and it seems the entire state turns out for the marathon and Red Sox game. People line the route from Hopkington to Boston, but the masses become ten deep on Boylston. When you turn onto Boylston Street off of Hereford, no matter how you feel, you know you will finish because you can see the finish line and the crowds will make your forget the pain in your legs and body.
Interrupt that idyllic experience with an explosion driving shrapnel into the backs of spectators and concussion-producing blasts.
Whoever did this knew the masses would gather on Boylstonbecause of the marathon and the game. They knew the sidewalks would…