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A Church for All People

This past Sunday I talked to Legacy about "A Church For All People." It was part of a celebration of "the world in our backyard."

Legacy is blessed to be in a mission field in which the world has literally settled in our backyard. One of our responses to this reality has been to offer an English Language Programover more than a decade. We have the privilege to serve over 235 different people from 28 countries this year alone.

Sunday afternoon we asked the students in ELP to introduce us to their cultures. The results were captured in the picture here. It was taken by a member of the New Star Leadership Education Center with whom we partner. (By the way, they are providing relief for families connected to the earthquake in Chengdu, China. Go here for more information.)

We had 18 displays of different countries and cultures in which we were able to hear about our friend's homes and taste some of their native food. It was great!

This event was part of an awareness tha…