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Weeds in the flowerbed

Do you see it?
It's right there.
Behind the flowers.
It's Poison Ivy.
I hate the weed because I'm allergic to it, but it fades so nicely behind the scene.
The beauty of the flowers in front hide the weed in the back.
I have two options here: 1) leave the weed and keep it in the background, hoping no one will come in contact with it; or, 2) I can intentionally get a broad-leaf herbicide and kill it.

My bad habits springing from my heart are like that poison ivy growing in my flowerbed. I think they go unnoticed because the flowers of my public behavior built on good habits masks them, but they are there. They betray my heart's deepest motives even when I think they don't. My "unseen" habits, however, do affect those who come near me whether I tell them they are there or not. People are made ill, or, at least, irritated by my selfish behaviors.

Like poison ivy in the flowerbed, I have two options with my habits: 1) I can leave them alone and try keeping the…