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facebook finally

I entered the matrix of facebook today...I have resisted for some time, but I knew the number of people out there, and I could not resist connecting with them.

So, I will continue to post my thoughts here, but looks like pictures and ongoing comments will go there.

Continue to check in, and we'll continue the conversation.

God's Plan or Our Actions?

Yesterday, I tackled the story of Rebekah and Jacob stealing Isaac's blessing from Esau as part of our new series "Waking Up in Bastrop." I want to chew on that a bit more this morning. (If you missed my presentation, you can go here.)

First, read all ofGenesis 27.

As you begin to observe the events in Chapter 27, don't forget two things are already in play . One, God announced before the twin boys were born that the older will serve the younger. (Genesis 25:23) Two, Isaac and everyone else in the family knew Esau had sold his birthright as the oldest son to Jacob. (Genesis 25:29-34)

I mention this because we usually get all over Rebekah and Jacob for their scheming but maybe they would not have done that if Isaac had not tried to give his blessing to Esau, who now did not have the right to receive it since he had sold his birthright to Jacob. Maybe Isaac is at fault (not that we need anyone to be the fall guy when dealing with His-story), and if he had left well enough…