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Showing posts from June 29, 2008

One Man's Story

Sunday we had baptism at Legacy. These are the days that become "altars in the sand" for me because they remind me God is alive and well among us and the stories of the people are why we do what we do.

Three children and two adults publicly confessed their trust in Jesus as their Rescuer and Leader. Here is the story of Rob Daffin, an adult who's two-year journey to Christ has inspired me to stay on the Path.

My Journey: Points on a Graph
(used by permission)

Cultural guilt - white Alabama childhood in the 60’s.
Watched Roots on TV, don’t want to be one of the bad guys.
Stale taste of small-town Methodism Spiritual disenchantment.

Young Man
Lost in the wilderness of my own ego
Self-gratifying, self-destructive
Hopeless spiritual vacuum

Search for meaning;
a way home looking east;
those bald guys on KungFu seem to have it figured out.
Wisdom of the Dalai Lama, points me back.
The quiet faith of my father, the death of my father
God’s war of attrition, his voice in quiet mom…