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Showing posts from July 23, 2006

A bike for the next decade

I have been riding off and on a 1988 Dave Scott Ironman bike for the past four years. Jim Schuchard loaned it to me, and I have loved the bike. It has served my purposes well and took me through the 2004 Hotter 'n Hell 100 mile bike ride and two sprint triathlons. It was a great steel bike with a good ride with excellent components for its age.

If I rode up to a group of seasoned riders, they would comment on the bike like a group of guys would a 66 Mustang. But, if I rode up to young riders or the uninitiated, I would get nervous looks for riding a "pink" bike. Add the spandex shorts, and my wife really is worried about me.

I have begun to ride more this year after a heavy year of running last year, and I finally was seduced by a group of riders to buy a new bike. (I think they were nervous about my comfort with pink, also.) I took the big plunge and got a Specialized Allez Elite Double from Richardson Bike Mart. Woody Austin fixed me up. He was excellent help. If you ne…