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Showing posts from October 1, 2006

Sharing Life

Last week, 10 of us from Legacy attended the Willow Creek Association's Small Group conference. As usual, the conference leaders and content were for the most part helpful and insightful. Erwin MacManus, Donald Miller, Randy Frazee, and Bill Donahue topped the speaker list. Their experience, insights, and practical advice gave each of us something to bring back to Legacy's small group initiatives and to grow in our understanding about how to do church together.

However, it was not the speakers and the information that made an impact on me or will be the thing that will impact Legacy. The difference maker for the group was the community we experienced while riding in the van, sharing meals, working out, and simply hanging out together. Community does not result in more information. That would have happened after the first breakout session. No, community arises from shared experiences over time by those who are themselves and help the others in the group to trust Jesus.

The highli…