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Showing posts from March 2, 2008

Two Unexpected Events

Two unexpected events effected my emotions today. One was that Brett Favre retired. I now have no hero in the NFL.

What I liked about Favre was that he was a leader. He could take any group of men over the past 17 years and somehow get them to work together as a team. You could see it in his eyes and how he handled his teammates. They liked following him.

The other thing I liked about him was that he loved the game. Even when he got sacked you saw him smile and say something to the guy who just busted him. At 38 he played like he was 22, and I loved that about him.

Finally, I liked him because he had a life outside the game that counted. Yeah, he holds a ton of records for passing and scoring, but He loved his wife and served her during her battle with cancer. He did not leave her, but cared for her, and that's huge to me.

The other unexpected thing that happened was that it snowed in Dallas last night. Not much but enough to look like winter--in March! Those of you I know who live(d…