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Showing posts from April 13, 2008

Boston VI

On Monday, April 21, I am honored to be entered in the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. This will be my sixth time to run the historic route from Hopkington to Boston with over 20,000 other runners. What is unique about my run is that I did not qualify to run the race, but I am there by the grace of a friend, Billy Allen, and adidas, the official outfitter for the marathon.

This is just another example of how I do not deserve this privilege for I am not fast enough to earn a spot, but I get to run the race because of the grace offered me by a friend and the company he represents. Sounds a little like the Good News of Jesus, doesn't it?

I will be running with my good friend Greg Sankey, whose family was core to Legacy becoming who we are today and whose friendship has anchored my soul when the seas of ministry are about to sink me. He now lives in AL and works for the SEC.

You can follow our progress here, (Put our first and last names in, and that will do it. My first name is Ca…

Saying "No"

I am the worst at saying "No." I'm a confessed people pleaser, and along with my perceived role as a pastor, saying "no" to others just does not fit my job description. I have learned, however, that when I say yes to whomever randomly asks me something I have automatically said no to someone or something else. The opposite is also true. When I say no to randomly generated requests I can say yes to the more important relationships in my life. Follow?

This past week in our series Escape the Blur: Slowing Down to Make Room for God, I talked about the importance of saying "no" in order to make room for God and others. Here's the outline. If you want to hear the message, you can go here.

Fatigue rather than rest is the new spiritual discipline. We are blessed to have so many options to say Yes, but without the discipline of NO, we will never find time to rest in the Lord.

Saying no aloud is harder for most people than saying, “I’ll be glad to…”

To say no i…