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Following Jesus into the Gay Community

This past Sunday I tackled one of the most difficult topics a pastor in my faith tradition can tackle: homosexuality. It was a long journey personally for me to share my heart about such a sensitive subject in the church. God did a number on my heart along the way, humbling me to my own sinfulness and the expanse of His grace to all of us.

The gist of my message was that we extend grace and acceptance to all others on the lists of sinful behaviors, but find it most difficult to extend that same grace to homosexuals. I did not go into the reasons why, but I did challenge us to stop weighing sins as if one is more serious than another. As Paul reminded us, "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." To judge and to exclude is the opposite of God's grace shown all of us in Christ Jesus.

You can hear the entire message from the Legacy website.

I used a couple of references from Paul's letters generally used to condemn homosexuality, but I made sure we read the e…